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Research and development

The breakthrough development of mobile ventilation hoods is a game changer in the control aerosolised virus spread within clinical settings.

The KUTITJI Mobile Isolatin Unit has involved input from:

  • Clinicians and researchers at Alice Springs Hospital

  • Fluid Dynamics researchers at Perth's Curtin University

  • ICU department at Royal Perth Hospital

  • Clinicians and senior staff at Melbourne's Northern Health Epping Hospital, and

  • The innovative design team at Space Tank Studio

Initial funding

The Purple House Australian indigenous organisation for outback dialysis treatment provided initial funding for the KUTITJI project to address population infection risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect vulnerable outback communities against any future infectious disease outbreaks.

Product name

KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Units will help protect Aboriginal people who receive dialysis treatment in 8 remote communities in SA, WA and NT. Permission was gained through the Purple House organisation to use the name KUTITJI, which means 'shield' in the Northern Territory Pintupi language.

Research and development

Market research and advice from medical professionals has informed a new design that provides major improvements in safety and usability over existing concepts that can be found in the market.

The design of KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit and associated protocols aims to minimise any additional burden on healthcare workers, prioritise occupational health and safety and ensure that important elements of patient care are not compromised.

Areas of improvement include:

  • reducing the footprint and cost overhead of fixed isolation rooms into a compact mobile unit

  • full patient visibility

  • critical component redundancy

  • simplified cleaning and disinfection processes

  • reduction of maintenance and consumable costs

  • fail safe mechanisms

  • device stability

  • durable construction that maximises life span

Regulatory compliance

KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Units will be a hospital grade device designed against full regulatory compliance standards.

Australian made

KUTITJI is 100% designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

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KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Units will dramatically improve workplace safety for your staff, patients and the broader community. 

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