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Reduce airborne infections through environmental detoxification equipment

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Mobile Isolation Unit

KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit

Protect staff and patients against airborne transmission of infectious diseases such as COVID19

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Every day, the urgency grows to implement superior ventilation controls in healthcare settings.

See our media page for up to date news on how engineered ventilation controls can help protect staff from the growing threat of hospital acquired COVID19 infections.


KUTITJI removes up to 99.95% of airborne infections before they come in contact with healthcare workers.

The Australian made Kutitji Mobile Isolation Unit provides healthcare workers, and other patients in surrounding spaces, with protection against the spread of airborne infectious diseases such as COVID19, future variants, respiratory aerosols and other pathogens.

The highly effective, portable, hospital grade medical device can be used over beds or chairs in across a wide range of settings including:

Product details

  • Hospital grade device

  • Fail safe functions

  • Re-usable or disposable curtain

  • Easy to clean and operate

  • Mobile deployable unit

  • Fold down for compact storage

  • Hospital grade device

  • Designed to ISO 13485 and ISO 14971

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KUTITJI for Dialysis Chairs.jpg

Functional design

reduces OPEX

Relieve work

related stress

Control transmission

of airborne diseases

Efficiently manage

patient overflow


Long Stay

Hospital wards


Palliative care

Residential aged / disability care

Short Stay

Dialysis treatment

Emergency departments


Intensive care units

Product details

Reduce staff infections

​Healthcare workers around the world use PPE, the least effective form of protection, as their primary line of defence against airborne infections!

KUTITJI is an environmental detoxification device that removes up to 99.95% of airborne infections via HEPA filters before they can enter a room environment and come in contact with health care workers.

Add KUTITJI to your hospital environmental protection strategy to dramatically improve air quality and the safety of your staff and patients.

Reduce Staff Infectins



  • Controls transmission of airborne diseases at a higher rate than PPE

  • Reduces staff infections and other patient infections

  • Removes up to 99.95% of airborne infections before they come in contact with healthcare workers

  • Full patient visibility improves patient care and response times

Game changer for environmental detoxification

  • Mobile Isolation Units offer game changing environmental protection against aerosol transmissions. 

  • Demonstrated to be more effective than building ventilation systems.

  • Up to 99.95% of aerosolised pathogens are removed from patient exhalation before being expelled into the environment, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of transmission to healthcare workers and other patients outside the device.​

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The KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit is considered environmental detoxification equipment under schedule 1, clause 12 of the TGA Excluded Goods Determination and as such does not require TGA registration.

Cost effective

  • Affordable compact mobile unit

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Simplified cleaning and disinfection processes

  • Durable construction that maximises life span and reduces maintenance and consumable costs


The KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit is a highly effective method of isolating and removing infection hazards at the source before they come into contact with healthcare workers. 

  • Built in fail safe redundancy

  • Motorised functionality

  • Full patient visibility

  • Patient access slit

  • Intuitive controls

  • Compact mobility

  • Controlled negative pressure enclosure isolates patients

  • H13 HEPA filter removes up to 99.95% of infectious pathogens from airflow

  • Dual speed air extraction returns safe and clean air into clinical environment


Engineering controls

Better engineering controls for managing the transmission of respiratory aerosols in medical and aged care settings remains a critical challenge in the fight against airborne diseases. 

Engineering controls that isolate people from hazards are more effective and reliable than PPE.

Most effective

Least effective

Remove hazards from the control scene.

Substitute hazards with safer alternatives.

Isolate hazards with engineering controls.

Improve safety culture and work practices.

Use personal protective equipment.

Engineerin Controls
Occupationa health and safety

Occupational health and safety

Hospital settings

Hospital patients typically spend most of their time in bed or next to their beds, usually more than two metres apart, with only a curtain separating them from other patients. ​Hospital transmissions of airborne diseases to clinical staff and other patients continue to be unacceptably high despite strict COVID safe practice and PPE protocols.

Aged care settings

Aged care patients and people with a disability are at great risk of contracting airborne infections due to their physical mobility restrictions and permanent close proximity to others. Many aged and disability care facilities lack adequate ventilation controls and continue to rely only on hand sanitisation, physical distancing and traditional PPE. 

Medical and healthcare workers at risk

Workers are at risk of acquiring Covid19 infection in hospital and aged care workplaces. Up to 70% of workers with COVID19 acquired their infection in hospitals, GP clinics and other healthcare services.


Statistics on workers acquiring Covid19 in hospitals and aged care environments are updated on the Victorian Government's Coronavirus website.

Safely manage patient overflow

During a global pandemic it is not uncommon for institutions to be operating at or beyond surge capacity. In instances like COVID-19 where the causative organism is a respiratory virus, expansion of hospital isolation capacity is crucial.

How to use

The engineered device is a compact mobile unit that can be rolled into place and used over beds or chairs.


The transparent canopy enclosure mechanically deploys around the patient. Extraction fans maintain a controlled negative pressure environment within the enclosure with the infected air filtered through H13 HEPA filters to remove harmful pathogens before it is returned to the ward.

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KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Units will dramatically improve safe workplaces for your staff, patients and the broader community. 

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