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About Health Forge

Health Forge is a medical product development company that provides innovative product engineering solutions for the health sector with a focus on community safety.

Mobile Isolation Unit

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to reduce the alarming rate of airborne HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections), Health Forge has developed a 100% Australian Made mobile ventilation hood, the KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit.

Our vision

Provide leadership in engineering driven product solutions that increase the safety of health professionals, staff and patients in a wide range of medical settings including hospitals, clinics and aged care.


Space Tank Studio business makerspace for entrepreneurs who are developing and commercialising new designs, products and innovations.

To discuss partnership opportunities that promote innovation in global health, contact us.

Our experience

Our team of professional staff has extensive experience in:

  • product design

  • engineering

  • education delivery

  • user centred design methodology

  • national and international vendor/supplier management

  • development and implementation of business growth strategies at both company and corporation scale

  • extensive project management experience delivering complex international projects

  • intellectual property

  • materials and equipment supply

  • specialist advanced manufacturing


Explore our products or contact us to discuss how we can bring your project to life.

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