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Mobile Isolation Unit


Protect healthcare staff and patients against airborne transmission of infectious diseases such as COVID19

Health Forge is a medical product development company that provides innovative product engineering solutions for the health sector with the aim of improving safety and work practices in hospitals and aged care settings.

Explore our KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit and contact us to discuss partnership or product development opportunities.

Health forge mission

To create positive impact on the health, safety and well-being for workers and patients in hospitals and aged care settings.

Infection control practice

Health Forge has developed the KUTITJI Mobile Isolation Unit, a new environmental detoxification device to help medical and aged care staff reduce airborne infections acquired in the workplace.

The KUTITJI Infection Control Practice will:

  • Improve safe work practices in hospitals and aged care facilities and thereby reduce occupational illness and fatalities relating to airborne transmitted infections.

  • Promote superior infection control methodologies for health workplaces through education and awareness programs.


Prevention and reduction of workplace harm offered by the KUTITJI Infection Control Practice applies to, but is not limited to: doctors, clinicians, nurses, health care aides, operational staff, cleaners and logistic personnel, as well as any professionals and maintenance workers who are required to be on premises in a healthcare environment.

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